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  • Howl of the Wild: The Wolf Issue #37 Howl of the Wild
  • Poetry of Place cover #36 The Poetry of Place Issue
  • the Future is Now #35 The Future Issue
  • Town & Country, the Bear Deluxe magazine #34 Town & Country
  • BDM29_cover #33 Identity
  • BDM29_cover #32 GastroAmerica
  • BDM29_cover #31 The Food Issue
  • BDM29_cover #30 Coming soon!
  • Creative Nonfiction cover #29 Coming soon!
  • BDM29_cover #28 Coming soon!
  • BDM29_cover #27 Coming soon!
  • the Fiction isue #26 Fiction
  • Bear Deluxe #25 cover #25 Mud, Sweat, and Tears…
  • Issue 24 #24 Coming soon!