How Are You?

Fall 2014 - Winter 2015

Angela Fama

Vancouver, BC

44″ x 16″ each canvas
photography series

Featured in the Poetry of Place issue, #36.

For this series, Fama set up a pop-up photo studio on Main Street in Vancouver, BC, on Car Free Day (June 16, 2013). Interested participants were invited in to the private, temporary studio to engage in the process. Three very intentional portraits were taken all within minutes. First, Fama took a straightforward, passport-type photo of each person. She then told the sitter to close their eyes and captured the second. While their eyes were closed, she asked,

“How are you… really?”

and snapped the final photo.

For more of Fama’s work, visit her website.

  • Angela Fama: How are you?
  • Angela Fama: How are you?